Physical Therapy For Back, Neck, & Spine

The Optimum Wellness Centers Spine Care Program


Many doctors now prescribe the latest physical therapy assessment and treatment programs like the one here at Optimum Wellness Centers before recommending steroid injections or surgery…


Optimum Wellness Centers  provides you and your physician with a mechanical assessment and treatment protocol rolled into one evidence based program. Our comprehensive physical therapy diagnosis and treatment process can provide quick relief of pain for many back and neck pain sufferers. The Optimum Wellness Centers Spine Care Program is designed to:
  • Isolate the mechanical origins of your back or neck pain.
  • Manage pain levels by identifying which movements make you worse and which ones make you better.
  • Increase the functional capability of the spine.
    • Strength
    • Flexibility
    • Range of motion
  • Promote independence and self-care.

4 Benefits of the Optimum Wellness Centers Spine Care Program

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Comprehensive evaluation and immediate treatment that results in pain relief for many patients on their first visit.

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Scientifically validated assessment helps isolate sources of pain not shown on X-rays or MRIs.

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Extensive Home Program allows you to maintain spine health, reduce pain medication, and reduce the risk of recurrence.
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If your doctor isn’t sure if you are likely to respond to specialized physical therapy intervention for your condition, we offer a complimentary consultation to help determine if the Optimum Wellness Center Spine Care Program may help you.

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Physician Referral Not Required To Get Started

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3 Steps To A Healthier Spine

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Spine Assessment

Assessment begins with a thorough health history followed by a review of any diagnostic reports including those from your X-rays and MRIs (when available). We perform a comprehensive physical assessment of the spine mechanics and surrounding structures influencing the mobility and stability of your spine. The information gained from this evaluation provides the therapist and physician with the clinical information necessary to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan customized for your unique condition.
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Typically, after physical therapy intervention begins, clinical data shows that patients with acute pain will see a significant improvement in a relatively short period of time – generally within 1-2 weeks. Patients with chronic and/or degenerative conditions will generally see results within 2-4 weeks, depending upon the extent of the condition.
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Self-care & Prevention

In order to maintain long-term spine health, you will receive a home program that includes special exercises and self-treatment guidance. Part of the ongoing support by your Optimum Wellness Centers team includes educating you about what causes your condition, and how to lower the risk of recurrence.

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