Physical Therapy After A Work Injury

Early intervention with physical therapy helps reduce absenteeism following an injury, and helps prepare you to return to work.

Picture of warehouse and lift operator

Physical therapy is a non-invasive, drug free way to get hands-on help with pain reduction and injury correction to return to your prior level of function, and get back to work. However, should you need surgery, a physical therapist at Optimum Wellness Centers will guide you through the pre and post surgical process to restore your motion and strength, and return to your job as able. Each plan is individualized by the physical therapist to meet each patient’s needs and goals.

What types of injuries are appropriate for Physical Therapy?

  1. Muscle Strains
  2. Ligament Sprains
  3. Back and Neck pain
  4. Following a Surgery: shoulder, knee, back, neck, ankle, etc.
  5. Work Conditioning/Hardening

7 key benefits of physical therapy following a work related injury:

  1. Restore Function and Movement
  2. Pain Management
  3. Improve Strength and Conditioning
  4. Promote Long Term Health
  5. Improve Posture and Mechanics
    • Improve Lifting/Carrying Body Mechanics
    • Improve posture at work/ desk ergonomics
  6. Reduce the duration of an Injury
  7. Help prevent the risk of future injury

How do you get started with a physical therapist following a work related injury?

  1. Report the injury to your work, and fill out the appropriate paperwork.
  2. Physical therapy must be approved by Workers Compensation.
  3. Schedule and appointment and fill out our patient intake form on the appointment page.
  4. A physical therapist will assess your injury, and design a program to return to work.

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